1st Meeting at Slimming World and Eating healthy Day One

Well last night I went to my first Slimming world meeting. It wasn’t sure what to expect. It was in a church hall. I arrived later than I wanted just on 7.30. I always like to arrive early to things but it didn’t happen. So there was already people and allot of people  in the room lining up and some where sitting around on the chairs. So in I went and went to the end of the Que. One of the ladies behind the desc noticed I was looking a bit lost and said you new. I must have stuck out like a sore thumb , being the biggest one there.

The lady was very nice, she asked me to fill in a form and then she went through the details of what slimming world was all about. It was very friendly.  

When I took a seat most of the people that i noticed when I arrived had gone, there was only a handful sitting on the seats.

I wont give names so I will  call her H. She introduced  me to the group. Then proceeded to go through everyone’s weight loss. and asked how they felt about it and what would be their goal next week. It was very relaxed. The group then  gave me advice,  keep coming to group, ask if you need advice or worried about anything i asked a few questions it was really good. It didn’t last as long as normal i was told about an hr. They also did  biggest Loser of the Week and Loser of the month.The lady that won won both. she got a certificate and a bag of fruit.

Then the dreaded weigh in…  I don’t weigh myself often I don’t need scales to tell me I’m Fat.

It was what i was expecting.  fat fat and more fat..

There was a woman there who I spoke to after the group finished she has been coming for 2 years she is my height  and was bigger than me at her first weigh in.  She is now a size 14. She looks great we had a good chat it give me allot of confidence,

Well its Thursday I have read through the books and been keeping a diary and I’m doing an online diary with slimming world online.

I have to admit I’m finding it very hard.All I’m doing is thinking of food what  I can and cant eat. Wondering what to eat for lunch or tea etc.. I really need to sort out a meal planner for the week. And I need to look on for some recipes i need some inspiration.

I’m going to make some fruit salad for desert after my pasta for tea.


I have never blogged before and there are so many reasons for starting this blog I have so much going  in my life. which most I wont go into on my first post, but I’m about to start Slimming world its a HUGE thing for me I’m just sick of how I look and feel and its needs to stop. (I have another reason my DAD who is Very ill again I’ll get into that another time) It’s going to be very hard  but the end results will be worth it.

I’m going to to do a no holes barred blog. Its not all going to be all about dieting because that would be boring. I have others thing I’d like to share with you all.

I’m going to try and post every day or least every few days.



Hello come and join me on my journey….